Conference 2016

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MGCA has always held its Professional Development Institute (PDI) in conjunction with the American Counseling Association’s Annual Conference and Exposition. Join MGCA in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, March 31-April 3, 2016.

MGCA & NECA Professional Development Institute (PDI)

Employability and Life Skills: Successful Solutions for Veterans

Located in the Palais des Congres de Montreal / Montreal Convention Center

0800-1700, 31 March 2016

 The Military and Government Counselors Association and National Employment Counseling Association (NECA) are co-chairing the Employability and Life Skills: Successful Solutions for Veterans 2016 pre-conference event! MGCA and NECA teamed up to present skills to work with transitioning military members, their families and timely employment issues. Join us for free CEUs about relevant topics for your clients.

MGCA (VETERANS & FAMILY) Morning Sessions (0800-1145)

Reintegration and the Military Success Model – (Dr. Neil Duchac & Dr. Catherine Stower)

Post re-integration is now the most difficult aspect of the deployment cycle for military members and their families. While utilizing the Military Success Model, attention is focused on the need to incorporate additional discussions regarding next steps to accommodate next steps within the military community.

Family-Based Play Therapy for Families Pre-and Post-Deployment

(Dr. Franc Hudspeth & Dr. Adaris Pickett) This workshop will discuss attachment and a child’s circle of security in terms of how they are impacted by deployment and reintegration. It will discuss and provide participants with a foundation for how to use family-based play therapy to mend attachments pre- and post-deployment to bring stability back to the family system.

Achieving Cultural Competence with Veterans: How to Avoid Being in the Majority – (Keith Myers) Counselors are mandated to be culturally competent when working with clients. However, research suggests that the majority of private therapists are not culturally competent working with Veterans. This interactive session reviews military culture and provides practical knowledge and skills to improve competence with this population.

 VA and Arkansas Counseling Association Collaborative Grant (CAVES) (Dr. Angie Waliski and Tammy Romines), and Characteristics of Non-fatal Suicide Attempts or Ideations Involving a Firearm as Method of Choice: Preliminary Results – (Dr. Angie Waliski)

CAVES and the Arkansas Counseling Association (Veterans Affairs and Arkansas State Counseling Association collaborative research) will be discussed. Grant opportunities and benchmark practices will demonstrate numerous successful joint projects.

Additionally, Dr. Waliski’s non-fatal suicide attempts presentation provides the results of interviews with Veterans within 48 hours of a serious suicide ideation or attempt that leads to inpatient VA psychiatric care. Presenters will provide antidotal information of assisting with Veterans, service members, and their family members at times of crisis.

(1200-1315): Luncheon and Awards Presentation – MGCA & NECA Team


 The Job of the Jobseeker: Don’t Forget your Lunch

by Seneka Arrington, President, NECA Finding employment is a tedious process and for some, a means to an end. When done incorrectly, feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, and disappointment manifest themselves early. As a result, clients resort to surviving off government subsidies, nonprofit organizations, or family members. Preparation, Structure, and Follow-Up are key when searching for employment. These components require patience, focus, and the ability to think outside the box. For the jobseeker, finding a job is the new 9 to 5.

 Wellness in the Workplace – Helping Veterans Transition 

by Michael C. Lazarchick PhD

This workshop explores the parameters of what some experts suggest constitute a good job. We’ll look at our health both in and out of the workplace. We’ll explore how people make money, the new options available in the 21st century, the current labor market and ways to help our “customers” find meaningful employment. We’ll also explore some experiential processes that utilize various forms of energy that help us stay focused and healthy on the job.

 Veteran Job Training and Employment

Grey Edwards & Judith Mathewson

What job or training opportunities are available for our military veterans? How can you assist as employment counselors and transition specialists? This presentation will offer ideas and suggestions for veterans and those who serve them as they transition to the civilian world.

 Retirement Ain’t What It Used to Be

by Carolyn A. Greer, Ed.D, LPC-S

Research shows that the recession of 2013 and instability in the stock market has caused many to rethink whether or not to change their plans for retirement. Due to these factors, many who are already retired are being forced to re-enter the labor market as a necessary step to maintaining their income. This presentation will look at changing economic factors and its impact on retirement planning.  What does this mean for those who set their sights on retiring only to discover they no longer can afford to retire?  What does this mean for our labor market?

NECA Reception: 31 March 16 (For all PDI attendees and Board Members) 5:30-8:30 p.m.