Conference 2015



ACEG has always held its Professional Development Institute (PDI) in conjunction with the American Counseling Association’s Annual Conference and Exposition. Join ACEG in Orlando, Florida, March 12-15, 2015.

ACEG Events Schedule March 13 – The Hyatt Regency Orlando Hotel (Please note that all dates, times, and meeting rooms are subject to change without notice or permission. Check the ACA Program Guide and Addendum for final meeting locations.)

ACEG Annual Director’s Board Meeting – Columbia 35 – 1400-1500

ACEG Membership Business Meeting – Discovery 46 – 1500-1600

ACEG & NECA Military University Reception – Columbia 37 – 1800-2000

PDI related activity – see below

ACEG Sponsored ACA Education Sessions (see ACA Program Guide and Addendum)

90 minutes – David L. Fenell, PhD (University of Colorado Colorado Springs) – Serving Veterans, Military Personnel, and Their Families: An ACA Division for Counselors. Are you a counselor, a veteran, a military service member, a family member or a friend of a veteran or military service member? If so, you are needed! This session is for you. The session will describe the skills, attitudes and behaviors of professional counselors that make them uniquely qualified to provide support to service members and their families and how membership in the Association for Counselors and Educators in Government can support your desire to serve our military personnel.

60 minutes – Dixielynn Johnson, MA, CMHT (Hope for Heroes Project) – Embracing the Suck of Combat: Suicide in the Ranks. Military suicide numbers are increasing to one suicide every 65 minutes; however, prevention programs are not targeting veteran’s life experiences to heal their anguish. Therapists must change their way of working with vets. This session creates a framework for counselors to help our nation’s veterans.

Poster Session

Jennifer Sztalkoper (Capella University – PhD Learner) and Benjamin V. Noah, PhD, LPC, NCC, NCCC, ACS (Capella University) – Left Behind: Army Wives’ Afghanistan Deployment Experiences. Army wives describe their personal experiences during an Afghanistan spousal deployment and the supports that they use in order to cope during the spousal separation.

Our PDI will be a joint effort with the National Employment Counseling Association (NECA). Thus, ACEG will provide half of the sessions and NECA the other half. We will be having an Awards Lunch. More information and registration details will be posted as it becomes available.

PDI Schedule and Location Information

The Hyatt Regency Orlando Hotel (Please note that all dates, times, and meeting rooms are subject to change without notice or permission. Check the ACA Program Guide and Addendum for final meeting locations.)

ACEG & NECA PDI – March 12 – 0800-1700 – Blue Springs Room

ACEG & NECA Awards Luncheon – 1200-1400 – Rainbow Springs 1

PDI Sessions – March 12

Tami Frye, PhD, LMSW (Walden University) – Grief Experiences of Young Recent War Widows and How Effective Current Counseling Strategies Meet Their Needs. Widows between 18-25 who were widowed as the result of wars in Iraq or Afghanistan are resulting in higher numbers than any previous wars. Prior research on widows was with much older women. Our counseling theories driving grief counseling is not adequately meeting the needs of widows at these stages of development. More research and a change is strategies is necessary to adequately help these women.

Judith Mathewson, MEd, MS, RMFT-I (USAF) and Emily Hain (Grove Street Wellness Retreat) – Introducing i-Rest as a Stress Reduction Tool for Veterans. Counselors will experience an adjunctive therapy to assist veterans with combat trauma symptoms. I-Rest is a simple tool for healing, creating deep relaxation and meditative practices that release negative emotions and thought patterns, calms the nervous system, and a positive capacity to meet distressing circumstances.

David L. Fenell, PhD (University of Colorado Colorado Springs) – Top Ten Reasons Why Professional Counselors are the Therapists of Choice for Combat Veterans and their FamiliesThere have been more than 200 interventions proposed to provide mental health support for combat veterans and their families. This presentation will describe ten important reasons why professional counselors are among the most qualified to serve service members and their families.

Afternoon Presentation by NECA

Dr. Michael Lazarchick and Bill Fenson (Both are Past Presidents of NECA, and Lead Instructors for NECA online training program, Working Ahead, Moving Forward Global Career Development Facilitator curriculum.) – Wellness and Work in the 21st Century. Expect a penetrating look at the Labor Market. What are the Trends? Where are the Jobs? How do we help our clients and ourselves stay healthy, remain competitive and meet the challenges in the quickly  evolving marketplace? This presentation will address the essential ingredients of a successful 21st Century Job Search and will explore the latest creativity and innovation in the workforce.