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Name Change on the Way

In July, the ACEG Board of Directors voted unanimously (of those members present) to change the name from the Association of Counselors and Educators in Government (ACEG), to Military and Government Counseling Association (MGCA). Here’s the process – it will be taken to the Governing Counsel by our ACEG Representative, Sharon Stitt Guild, on the first day of the ACA 2015 Conference in Orlando. After a vote of approval, we will announce the new name at the Convention! The new name would become effective on July 1, 2015. We and the ACA Leadership believe that this change is needed to give us a clear identity as the Military Division of ACA. Also, we believe this will tremendously boost membership. Ben Noah, the President-Elect, is in the process of developing a new logo. He has several to date, and will include them in a newsletter article for you to see and vote on the one you believe best suits our new identity.

Chairman of Technology

We are looking for a new Chairman of Technology. This is a newly developed position and of upmost importance in our plans for this year. This person will help us develop and produce Webinars, create a one-stop portal with all important information such as membership stats, minutes, treasurers reports, etc. (available to all membership), and finally to revamp and update our website. Please contact Lynna ( so we can get this ball rolling!

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