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2016 MGCA Annual Awards Nominations

Annually MGCA recognizes members who have served our profession in an outstanding way. During the next ACA annual conference (March 2016, Montreal, Canada), at our Awards Luncheon, two members will be formally recognized for their dedication and significant contributions as counselors and/or educators.

Your help is needed so we can choose the best! Please take the time to help us recognize some worthy people. Any member may nominate one or more candidates for the MGCA awards. Nominees must be MGCA members. You can nominate yourself with an endorsement from your supervisor.

The award for Professional of the Year is based on outstanding achievement in any or all of the following:

1) Day to day counseling activities leading to positive improvement in client progress;

2) Specific and innovative contributions to the operation of a counseling or education related organization;

3) Counseling or support activities in a situation requiring effort above and beyond the norm (e.g. public disaster or emergency);

4) contributions/efforts leading to improved environments for counselors, educators, and clients;

5) Participation in programs of professional development training – either as organizer, participant, or presenter; and

6) Publications related to any of the above.

Criteria for the Notable Achievement Award is similar to the above. However, this award may be given to an individual or to an organization that has provided outstanding service or benefits to counseling professionals and clients.

To make a nomination, send an email with an attached word document summarizing the accomplishments or actions of the nominee that warrants consideration. Please limit your narration to two pages, typed and double-spaced. Please send your nomination so it will reach the awards chair by January 31, 2016. The individuals and/or organization will be recognized at the MGCA Awards Luncheon to be held during the ACA Conference March 30, 2016.

If you have questions, please contact the Awards Chairperson, Lynna Meadows Morton, MGCA Immediate Past President. Call 334-202-0600, and email you nominations to by January 31, 2016.

New VA Initiative Creates Pipeline to Hire Mental Health Counselors

Chairman of Technology

We are looking for a new Chairman of Technology. This is a newly developed position and of upmost importance in our plans for this year. This person will help us develop and produce Webinars, create a one-stop portal with all important information such as membership stats, minutes, treasurers reports, etc. (available to all membership), and finally to revamp and update our website. Please contact Lynna ( so we can get this ball rolling!

DoD Quarterly Suicide Report CY2015 Q1

America’s Military: A Force Adrift

Science News » Suicide in the Military: Army-NIH Funded Study Points to Risk and Protective Factors

Vet who saved many in Iraq couldn’t escape demons

Department of Veterans Affairs Suicide Data Report, 2012

Oklahoma Counseling Association goes above and beyond to help veteran population