The Journal of Military and Government Counseling is an official publication of the Military and Government Counseling Association (MGCA), a division of the American Counseling Association.  This electronic journal upholds the highest academic and professional standards using a peer review process.  The journal is published three times a year electronically (pdf).  The journal publishes articles on all aspects of practice, theory, research, and professionalism related to counseling and education in military and government settings.

The mission of the journal is to promote reflection and to encourage, develop, facilitate, and promote professional development for administrators, counselors, and educators working with all members of the Armed Services and their families, whether active duty, guard, reserve, retired, or veteran; civilian employee of the Department of Defense; and employees of other government agencies.  The journal aims to highlight engaged scholarship and to conduct and foster professional monographs to enhance individual human development and increase recognition of humanistic values and goals among the members and within the agencies where they practice.  The journal thus attempts to to develop and promote the highest standards of free intellectual inquiry among administrators, counselors, and educators working in these environments.